Soundsgood develops Artists to be Artist Missionaries that are trained and planted to serve as an extension of the local church as missionaries–sharing the Gospel and making disciples. MORE than MUSIC. Music is used as a tool to share the Gospel. We built thisf studio to write and record music in house. View the video below to catch details of the Soundsgood studio and to get an inside glimpse.



Shanell (formerly Mizz Reality) grew up in Lansing, MI graduating from Lansing Everett Highschool (Go Vikings!). She took courses both at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. Shanell surrendered her life to Jesus after the United States tragic event on September 11, 2001 and the plane crash that resulted in the death of Music icon Aliyah. Those two tragic events drove her to repent and surrender. It wasn’t those events alone, but God had been working on her heart in so many ways leading up to the tragedies.

Shanell enjoys competition, as no game or activity is too little to not be a competition. Shanell’s most recent release is her album “By Design” released in 2014.


  • Performed with Thisl, TBone, Group 1 Crew, R Swift, Reach Records, David Michael, and more

  • 2004 | Release of For His Glory

  • 2005 | Shanell won “Exalting Him” gospel talent competition in Chicago, IL allowing her to move to nationals, televised on TBN in TN

  • 2007 | Release of Scott Free

  • 2009 | Release of All in Awe

  • 2014 | Release of By Design

  • Shared the Gospel to over 10,000 in concerts



Trini-D whose name is Dustin (hence where the “D” comes from) has been walking with the Lord since 2002.  One day he heard Jerome made beats and called him up out of the blue.  He didn’t know Jerome was saved and was pleasantly surprised by Jerome’s passion for Christ.  That was a divine appointment that has lead to years of serving together.  Trini-D has an intense love for scripture and in his early years of being “saved” he would stay up at all counts of hours and read scripture for days!

Trini-D has continued this love and devotion for Christ for almost a decade.  He is a Soundsgood Artist Missionary and also a Root Group Leader at his local church. Trini-D is involved in planning and execution in the ministry. Trini-D starts his mornings off by PRing in deadlifts and “killing a lion in a pit on a snowy day”  in his CrossFit Box.


  • 2007 | Release of Building Blocks
  • 2013 | Release of I Forgot



Rob g

Rob has been serving the Lord since 2004 after going to Rockford Master’s Commission when he was 18. During High School, Rob would attend youth group, but it wasn’t until he went to Master’s Commission that it really clicked that he was the righteousness of God. For years he had thought he wasn’t good enough and that he had to strive on his own to become a “better person.” That thought was also so enslaving and when he learned that there was freedom in Jesus, it FOREVER changed his life.

Rob is working on his first project which is the Soundsgood Worship Project which will be followed by his album Make Believe which also comes with a complimentary beard. Currently, Rob enjoys breakfast, specifically cereal, for dinner…and lunch….and snack…and brunch…and is currently looking for the verse in the bible that confirms an all cereal fast is next in line after Daniel fast. If you have knowledge of this verse, please email


  • 2015 | Release of Make Believe



Jerome has been serving the Lord since 2002. After living a life of drugs, anger, partying, and much more God transformed his life and since Jerome’s life has never been the same. After making music for the world for 7+ years, the Holy Spirit began to show Jerome in 2003 how he could use music to reach people for Christ and build the church. Jerome thought this was backwards because he had never heard of Hip Hop music being used by God. Since that time he moved faithfully with the call and being shaped by leadership in the church. Jerome was happy to find that God had been using many others to do the same worldwide and this provided encouragement and confirmation along the way.

In addition, Jerome likes to eat tons of sour patch kids and truly wishes they would actually count towards fruits and veggie servings for the day. Unfortunately, the FDA has yet to approve.


Jerome started Soundsgood in 2003 and has vision to develop artists and multimedia projects that advance the Gospel, make disciples, and build bridges to extend the reach of the local community of believers (church). Jerome serves the local church as Team Lead at City Life Lansing where he pastors and developed the discipleship method called Get Rooted.

The current project Jerome has released is the “Second Coming”. The theme for the album is “Live today like the last, but prepare for forever”. God showed Jerome to lift Him up and He will draw all men close to Himself.


  • 2007 | Release of J.E.V.

  • 2010 | Release of Second Coming